International Refugee Rights Initiative


The International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) is an organisation dedicated to promoting human rights in situations of conflict and displacement, and enhancing the protection of vulnerable populations before, during and after conflict. Focusing primarily on Africa, IRRI works with networks of advocates to identify the key challenges facing vulnerable communities and collaborates to advance changes in law, policy and practice.

IRRI has multiple programmes including the Citizenship Rights in Africa Initiative (CRAI) and the Rights in Exile (RIE) programmes. IRRI approached us to design and develop websites for IRRI, CRAI and RIE that would enable people to easily access and navigate the wide range of content within their respective databases. The three websites combined, contain over 10,000 resources for refugees, national laws, academic articles, news stories, blog posts and other resources. Considering that users are often located in low bandwidth areas, they required that the websites be data light to promote accessibility for all.

To meet these requirements, we designed a minimal and intuitive interface free of clutter. We minimised the use of images, to keep the websites light, and we implemented a highly visible search system on all three websites, allowing for broad or targeted searches.

Visit the website:

Visit the website: